Become a Peer Navigator

SLS2206 Chart Your Course is a 1-credit-hour class designed to help first-year students successfully transition to Florida State University. Through the class, students will explore their own identities and values, engage with campus resources, and apply college success strategies to effectively navigate their transition to FSU.

This experience would not be possible without Peer Navigators. Peer Navigators are student leaders who teach Chart Your Course and serve as a mentor and guide for their students. If you are interested in mentoring new FSU students, developing your leadership skills, and gaining practical teaching experience, then the Peer Navigator role is a great opportunity for you!

Required Qualifications:

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student at Florida State University.
  • GPA must be 3.0 or above.
  • Good academic and judicial standing with the University.
  • Ability to enroll in HUM4924 class in the spring.
  • Graduating no earlier than December 2022.


  • Teach one section of SLS2206 Chart Your Course every week throughout the Fall semester.
  • Hold office hours in a public space for no less than one hour each week of the Fall semester.
  • Meet with each of your students one-on-one at least twice during the semester.
  • Provide feedback on student assignments and class activities.
  • Attend all Peer Navigator/Engage 100 Leader training classes and required meetings.

Average Weekly Time Commitment:

  • Spring
    • HUM4924 training class: 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Fall
    • SLS2206 class: 50 minutes per week
    • Class preparation: 1-2 hours per week
    • Assignment feedback: 0-3 hours, varies by week
    • One-on-one meetings with students: 0-5 hours, varies by week
    • Class communication/responding to student questions: 30 minutes-2 hours, varies by week

Required Dates:

  • Application closes: October 15 for new applicants, November 15 for returning applicants.
  • Interviews: Dates and Times TBA
  • Selection notifications sent: Tuesday, November 23
  • Summer Virtual Training Series: Dates and Times TBA
  • Fall Orientation Workshop: Date and Times TBA

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Have questions about the position? Please email John Tilley at or Sydney Pickett at