Common Challenges & Talking Points

The role of family members in the college experience is crucial. Whether students are facing a small issue or larger challenges, students will often turn to their families when having difficulties or in the event they don't, family members will often notice changes in behavior and can help students receive help. Alcohol/drugs, hazing, sexual violence, and mental health are some of the most common challenges for college students. Often times, they are also the most difficult to talk about. We have outlined some key actions, resources, and talking points to assist you as you support your student. Our hope is that you will never need this information, but in the event you do, we want you to be informed, connected, and confident on the resources available to support you and your student.

General Conversations

  • Keep it casual
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Avoid lectures/judgment and express your feelings
  • Talk about the hypotheticals and how your student might handle a certain situation
  • Affirm your student
  • Most importantly, listen